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Vanya Erickson – Author/Blogger Website With Email Marketing

Vanya Erickson – Writer and Blogger

This website was built for a writer/author, who is interested in promoting her work and blog on the internet.  This website is built on WordPress with the Avada Theme, which is super rich in the latest HTML techniques and trends.  Many of the latest presentation techniques are implemented on this website (parallax, layers, tabs, flip boxes, etc.), making very visually appealing as well as functional. My team also designed the logo design for this website, as well as the photography and image processing.  In addition to our standard Security/Backup/SEO/Google Search Console/Google Analytics implementations, the main features implemented in this website are

  1. Integration with Mail Chimp (email marketing) for building subscriber list.
  2. Integration with SumoMe for Social Media sharing and analysis. Also popups for building the subscriber list.
  3. Multiple “blogs” in preparation for “guest blogger” capablity (future)
  4. Future email marketing, link building and other SEO techniques planned.

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