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Design Priorities

Web Design Priorities

Your Business Values Drive our Design Priorities.  

Whatever your business values may be, our top design priorities will be sure to have the biggest impact on them.  There are many design priorities that are widely accepted as industry best practices, but the three universal “biggest bang for the buck” are on everybody’s list.  These 3 top priorities are essential if you want to have a website that exudes an EFFICIENTEFFECTIVE, and ENJOYABLE experience for your users.

Industry experts agree that the customer experience is EVERYTHING.  Whether your Business Values are increasing product sales, building customer loyalty or increasing your user community, leveraging these 3 principles will give you the highest return.

  • Provide Clear Content

Communicate clearly so that users understand.  Users allocate minimal time to initial website visits, so the objective is to QUICKLY convince them that the site is worthwhile.  Your business advantage or market niche should be front and center throughout your website.

  • Provide Information Users Want

Users must be able to EASILY determine whether your services meet their needs and why they should do business with you.

  • Provide Consistent and Simple Navigation

Offering simple, consistent page design, clear navigation and information architecture that puts things where users EXPECT to find them.

Rest assured that we will design and implement a website that utilizes these priorities so that you may enjoy the resulting positive impact on your business.

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