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SEO: Improving Your Search Engine Rankings and Relevancy

According to Google, 97% of consumers do research online before buying. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) enables prospective customers to find your website when they are looking for products or services that you offer.

At one time, Search Engine Optimization was almost trivial. Adding a few “meta tags” and optimizing a few titles would result in your site magically climbing the search engine rankings.  Then “keyword mania” became popular. Now the web is significantly more saturated with sites that are all fighting to rank for the same keywords.  Unfortunately, those days are a distant memory. SEO today seems almost black magic, and it is indeed constantly changing and evolving. The search engines literally change their algorithms every single day, and new technologies are being unveiled at a blistering rate. Unless you are investing in a formal, expert, SEO audit with a dedicated company, you will probably not be able to compete with the SEO gurus to achieve those top 3 spaces unless your product or service doesn’t have any competition in the marketplace.

All Websites Benefit from SEO

This does not mean you should ignore SEO or your rankings in the search engine results. ALL websites benefit from SEO, there is no question about that! There are basic SEO techniques that should be executed and built into your website.   This includes deploying these techniques and optimizations, as well as measuring the result and providing improvement methods.

Google Webmaster Tools

We provide this service for all of our website designs using Google Webmaster Tools. Google Webmaster Tools are a set of tools to help webmasters with SEO, and we are experienced in utilizing them to improve your search engine rankings. We get valuable information about your site such as search data related to keywords used to find your site and how many people clicked on your site when it appeared in the search results.

We also use Google Adwords Keyword Tool, which allows us to research the keywords used on your site and suggest improvements and provide “keyword ideas” for other keyword phrases to consider.

Leverage Social Media and Social Signals

Leveraging Social Media is another SEO technique which we will employ to boost your site’s relevancy and rankings. Visit our Social Media Management Service Page for additional information.  We put social share buttons on your pages!  Why?  Social signals are becoming increasingly important for ranking well in the search engines. Social signals are cues to the search engines that a given webpage is share-worthy.  The social shares may influence ranking if you or your friends have “liked” a particular webpage.  This is because search engines believe that recommendations from friends are more valuable than recommendations from strangers. The search engines also consider the authority of the person “liking” a particular piece of content.  It is advantageous to get a heavy-weight in your field to share your content!  The bottom line is to make sure your fans can spread the word about your fabulous website and content.

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