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Graphics Design and Image Processing

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Engaging Graphics Keep your Visitors Interested and Attentive

A picture is worth a thousand words.  Really!  We are skilled in Photoshop and Illustrator, and can create composite graphics and illustrations to inspire your customers to investigate your content further. Nobody wants a boring website, and creative images and graphics can go a long way to keeping a visitor’s attention on your site. Creative website imagery can convey a particular message or expression more effectively and more rapidly than just plain text. It can also be used strategically to evoke a particular emotional response from your audience.  A well placed graphic can induce a particular action from your visitor, such as providing their contact information (a lead!) or getting them to subscribe to your blog or like your page.  It can even compel them to buy your product or seek services. Successful website imagery is much more than pretty pictures and banners.

Image sizing and processing is also very important in order to keep your page load speed optimized.  You need just the right resolution to keep your graphics smooth and full, without compromising page load speed.  Most visitors won’t wait for your clunky page to load, they’ll off to the next website.  It is important to optimize performance vs. image resolution!

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