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What is a Custom Web Development Solution and What You Need to Know!

Clients demand a professional website that is not only elegant and beautiful, but that also gets the job done for building and growing their business.  To achieve this, you truly need a custom web development solution that will render a professional website. We specialize in building custom website solutions, because each client’s target market, their audience, and their functional requirements differ. Don’t settle for a mediocre website that does nothing to help your business grow.  There are a lot of components that must be considered before hiring a professional to build that website for you.  As the client, you need to be aware of the various facets that work together behind the scenes to create this website.  You don’t need to know all of the technology behind the successful website, but you need to know enough to convince yourself that your “Website Designer / Developer” knows about them to make sure they get done right!

Don’t get stuck with a lousy website that does NOTHING to promote your business!

Bridging the Gap Between Web Development and Web Page Design

Website Developer and Website Designer are often used interchangeably, and they really are two separate functions.  The Website Designer usually has a background in Graphics Design and publishing, while the Website Developer is fluent in PHP, Javascript, HTML and CSS.  Website Developers also are more versed in the “back end” of things.  Dealing with plugin integration and configuration, as well as making sure all of the plugins play nice with each other.  Many Website Designers don’t know how to leverage the full capability of WordPress and its themes, because they don’t really understand the nature of Content Management Systems and how to build in features and functions.  Moreover, the Website Developer usually knows how to deal with the hosting provider (e.g. GoDaddy), configuring the server, and maintain the security and integrity of the website.  These jobs fall under the description of “Webmaster”, which also gets confused with Website Developer and Designer.

Schaper Consulting provides all 3 services, ensuring that your website not only looks great, but also performs all of the functions you need, such as e-Commerce integration, Web Forms, Interactive Calendars and Appointment Scheduling Plugins, Automated Email campaigns, Social Media Integration, etc.  Your website also performs well on mobile devices and PCs, AND it is SECURE.

Search Engine Marketing and Performance Analytics

The third piece of the complete website solution is creating and managing your “web presence” and promoting your business on the internet.  If you expect that you will get new clients and leads from the internet, then you need to worry about your web presence at the BEGINNING of your website design.  Many people think SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and other digital marketing happens AFTER the website is built.  Waiting until after the website is done, means building your website twice.  And nobody wants to do that!  Why is this?  Because before you begin building your website, you need to know some very basic things like:

  • What is your objective?  Sell products?  Sell Services?  Build a user community?  All of these?
  • Who is your audience?  Who are you trying to reach and what are they looking for?
  • What will your visitors DO on your website.  How will they interact with it?
  • What makes you different than your competition?

Of course there are more questions, but these are a good start.

Keyword Research should be done at the BEGINNING of your Design Process, not at the END!

The reason you need to know the answers to these questions BEFORE you build your website, is because EFFECTIVE content creation and architecture is dependent on these answers.  We all know that SEO is about keywords.  Keywords are what people type into Google to find what they are looking for on the web.  If you don’t know which keywords apply best to your business, you won’t be able to use them consistently and correctly in your content, and Google will never find you or your website.  And certainly your prospective clients won’t find your website, and that’s the whole point.  Right?

What are Performance Analytics?

  • How do you know if your SEO efforts are working?
  • How do you know which email marketing campaign (or social media marketing campaign) is more effective than another?
  • How do you know which products are selling better than others?
  • How do you know which articles people enjoy reading more than others?
  • How do you  know which posts are shared more than others on Facebook or Twitter?

Analytics, whether it’s Google Analytics or Social Media Analytics give you the answers to these questions.  You cannot improve what you can not measure.  Your website designer/developer should be able to install the hooks needed to allow these analytics.  It’s really a huge bonus if your website developer can also do the analysis for you, because they already know how the content is organised, they know what keywords have been targeted, they know which social media platforms you are targeting, and they already have access to your Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Social Media Analytics tools, because they have set them up for you!

Schaper Consulting provides both Search Engine Marketing AND Analytics for your website.  We start your design with keyword research (we know which tools to use), we build and architect your content to leverage these keywords, and we build in all of the hooks needed for Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Social Media Analytics.

We are also expert in these tools, so we can leverage analysis of your website to continuously improve, improve and improve.  It’s an ongoing process. Perform Search Engine Marketing, Analyze, Improve.

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