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The Website Solution

Complete Website Solutions The Effective Website Solution implements and manages many components...

Website Design & Development

Content Creation / Architecture and Website Implementation

Graphics Design and Image Processing

We offer basic graphics design and image processing required to build an engaging and interesting website.

Social Media Management

Leverage Social Media: Improve Search Engine Relevance and Increase Website Traffic


Improve Search Engine Rankings and Relevancy

Website Administration & Monitoring

Measure and Monitor Your Website Performance to Make Regular Improvements in Your Customer Experience.

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How to Build a Great WordPress Website – the Birthday Cake Recipe

Whether you are a Wordpress Developer/Designer and need some help, or a company or person that needs to hire a Wordpress developer/designer to build a new Website (or upgrade an existing website), this information is for YOU. You will find it quite useful to understand all of the ingredients that go into building a great website.

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WordPress is the only choice for your Website Solution, honestly!

You want a new website.  It needs to be elegant, interactive, modern, creative and eye catching.  It needs to “do” all of the stuff your visitors want when they interact with it.  It needs all of the features and functionality required to support your business.  AND,  it absolutely needs to promote you and your business

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What Our Clients Say

There are not enough stars to rate how I feel about Janet and her skills as a website designer! She has a rare talent of matching design suggestions to the client. I never could have envisioned my site looking like it does now but it totally matches my personality! She had ideas that were perfect for what I was trying to convey on my site. She had such a huge knowledge of all areas of a functioning website and she was able to put it all into play right then and there. She was always easy to reach and she valued my opinion. When I had an idea, she just patiently explained to me why it would not work, why it would work or what might be better. I must admit her ideas were always better than mine! She worked extremely hard on my site because it had some mistakes left over from my first designer that she had to correct before moving along with new ideas. I loved that she explained things to me so well. I wanted to get an education from her so I could help maintain my own site and so she tutored me for hours on the phone after the site launched. She even wrote out a guide for me telling me how to do things and listing important information I would need. Since its launch, I have received so many complements on how it looks. Many have clicked on through just to see what the rest of the site looks like! This is amazing to me and I view it as a perk to having hired Janet. I can say without a doubt that hiring her was the best decision I have made in my new business. There could not be a more knowledgeable, kind, hardworking, caring and talented individual to work with on your website. I highly recommend her and you would be missing out if you don't get a chance to work with her. Sharon Critchfield

Sharon Critchfield

( Author - Blogger - Consultant )

Since my site went live, it has received tons of praise, all because of Janet Schaper’s brilliance. She's inspired, passionate about showcasing her clients’ work, and responsive to changes you might suddenly think up in the middle of the night. She's also kind and patient - explaining any given thing she’s doing, to keep you informed. Simply put, Janet’s your choice if you want a kick-ass website.

Vanya Erickson

( Author, Blogger )

"We contracted Janet to update our company website. We had a very old looking site that was never visited. Our new site looks much better, and we are now working with Janet on SEO, to get higher in the search listings. We now appear in Google searches and are actually getting leads from the internet. I was particularly impressed by the metrics that Janet developed about the important keywords to include in pages and titles, so that they would be found in targeted searches by potential customers. At first it was a little slow because we didn't know what we wanted, and we were not prepared to pay much, but Janet gave us options and ideas so we then moved forward. The biggest issue now is getting good content to attract people to visit the site, but that is now my company's job, but Janet is helping with that as well."

Gordon L.

( V.P. Engineering )

"I had the pleasure of working on a website project with Janet in 2014. From the beginning, Janet impressed me with her approach. She does a wonderful job making sure she gathers and understands the requirements before rushing into development. Once development began, she researched and implemented a few candidates for each piece of functionality and worked with us to choose the best fit for our needs. She is a tenacious and dedicated person who holds herself to the highest of standards. These qualities are reflected in her work, and that makes her an invaluable asset to anyone needing some help in making or increasing their web presence."

Brian J.

( Lead Software Architect )

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