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WordPress is the only choice for your Website Solution, honestly!

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WordPress is the only choice for your Website Solution, honestly!

You want a new website.  It needs to be elegant, interactive, modern, creative and eye catching.  It needs to “do” all of the stuff your visitors want when they interact with it.  It needs all of the features and functionality required to support your business.  AND,  it absolutely needs to promote you and your business on the internet.  Perhaps you’d even like to manage some of the content yourself, like your product catalog, or your photo gallery, or your blog/newsletter, or your social network connections.  What’s more, you want to be able to measure and analyze the traffic that comes to your website.  How well are your SEO efforts (and $$) paying off?  How is that last email marketing campaign doing?  What’s your most popular product or blog post? What are your visitors doing when they visit your website?

Good grief!  You sure want a LOT!

Well, you can actually have it all.  Your cake and eat it too.  And what’s even more astonishing is that there is an affordable solution that can be implemented quickly.  But you have to make the smart choices up front.

The two most important choices are your web authoring platform, and your web developer/designer. 

Smart Choice 1: WordPress: the premier web authoring platform.

WordPress is the number one Content Management System on the maket today.  Simply stated, a Content Management System is software that makes it easy for non-techies to organize and manage Web Content.  It makes maintaining and updating a website simple-er, and more affordable.  It allows publishing, editing and modifying of content from a central interface.  Web content may include text, graphics, photos, video, audio and even programming code.  The main capabilities of WordPress that make it extremely flexible and able to give the user so many interactive features, are often times overlooked when we start thinking about building a website.  We sometimes get carried away with the visual appeal of our website, and forget to plan for how we want visitors to interact with it.  Here are some key Content Management System capabilities that you should consider carefully before you choose your development platform.

  1. Multitudes of themes (skins) that can be applied to new and existing content giving you the look and feel you need for your company image.

  2. Access Control: You can control how registered users (logged in or “members”) interact with the site.  You may have private content that only privileged  users can read/edit/or comment upon.

  3. Scalable Feature Sets: Plugins can be easily installed that extend the site’s funtionality.  These can be installed in a modular fashion as they are needed such that your website can grow with your company’s needs. YES!  A shopping cart and a catalog are “features”!

  4. Content Syndication: Distributing content by generating RSS data feeds and email to other systems. Sharing with Social Media can also be thought of as content syndication.

So now that you know what a CMS is, do you need it?  Of COURSE you do,  and Wordpress is your only choice because:

  1. It is the fastest growing CMS by FAR

  2. WordPress was used by more than 23.3% of the top 10 million websites as of January 2015 

  3. WordPress has a HUGE repository of plug-ins to do just about anything your little heart desires.  What’s more, they’ve been tried, tested, improved, and are supported by the giant user community. Yes there are interactive calendars, and memberships, and forums, and e-Commerce, and …..

  4. About that giant user community: There are forums for everything WordPress, where you can find documentation, ratings, FAQs, and support.

  5. With WordPress you can choose from thousands of “responsive themes” so your website looks and performs well on PCs AND mobile devices.

  6. Most modern themes come with Social Media Sharing hooks built in

  7. Most modern themes come with hooks into SEO capability that makes it easy to manage and improve your Search Engine Optimization parameters

  8. It has a single, unified codebase that allows it to reach people on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets as well as desktop computers.

  9. It has a simple to use Content Editor, which allows you to help maintain your content, and not always have to rely on a techie to make updates.

Smart Choice 2: Schaper Consulting, Your Web Designer / Developer /Manager

There are so many considerations to take into account when choosing a web designer / developer, you really need a good Project Manager as well as good talent.  A successful and effective website will grow your business, from increasing your bottom line, to expanding your customer base, to improving customer satisfaction and experience.  The successful website is really a “solution” to solving your business issues.  It is a solution made up of many components, each addressing a particular problem in the marketplace. These components must all be managed concurrently, such that the final result is a website that meets your requirements and promotes your business online.

What are the main problems that a Website Solution must solve?

  1. Present your company image to the web marketplace.  

  2. Showcase and advertise your services & products in a professional and attractive manner. 

  3. Make available your services & products to the online consumer

  4. Allow your clients/visitors to interact with your company & Products

  5. Promote your company image & services on Social Media

  6. Enable Search Engines (Google) to find your web pages that advertise your services & products, and direct traffic to your website. 

The Website Solution must address and solve each of these problems.  Moreover, each problem must be addressed from the GET GO and managed concurrently in order to achieve the effective website.  With WordPress, designing and developing a Website Solution becomes manageable and achievable.  What’s more, it can be done in a cost effective manner.

It is easy to see that building this Website Solution will require good Project Management as well as knowledgeable talent.  You need a variety of skill sets and expertise to achieve a cohesive result. Each component must play well with the others.  In addition, your Web Designers / Developers must know how to leverage the right tools to monitor and solve thee problems.


Schaper Consulting provides these Website Solution services and expertise, including premier Project Management.

Contact Us today for a complimentary consultation and assessment.  Start building your Website Solution today!

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