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Social Media Management and Blogging

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Leverage Social Media for Search Engine Relevance

Most web marketers agree that leveraging Social Media is a “must” for web advertising and improving your brand.  It is a time consuming proposition for a lot of companies, and is also difficult to manage.  And it also takes the right kind of personality to create posts and engage with your fans.  The single most important reason for taking advantage of social media, is that it keeps your website fresh and relevant.

Search  engines use Social Metrics when determining a website’s relevance. If your fans are liking, sharing, following and commenting on your posts, then there’s a good chance that you’re communicating effectively with your customers.  Companies that engage online with their customers tend to rank much better in search engines!  Let us manage your social media sites and engage with your customers.  We can set up your social media account and post regularly as a representative of your company.  It will increase your web presence, increase your rankings, and drive traffic to your website.

Another method of improving your rankings and staying relevant and fresh is a blog or newsletter.  Many companies don’t feel they have time to put together a regular blog, but they are passing up a really good tool for expanding their customer base and keeping their website fresh and up to date.  We can also manage your blog, and even write the content with some marketing and sales direction from you.

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