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Content Design and Website Implementation

Services Content Design and Website Implementation

Our Goal: Create an Efficient and Effective Website that Provides an Enjoyable Experience for Your Users.

Providing the Complete Solution with a Proven Methodology

We have a unique approach to designing your website that will meet the objectives of both your business and your customers. There are many other “website designers” that are experienced in the mechanics of implementing the pages, menus, links and various bells and whistles of a contemporary website.  There are also a multitude of “do-it-yourself” web authoring tools that provide a “What You See Is What You Get interface”, that allow you to type in your desired text and have it appear as a menu item, a button or a page.  For those of us who have experience with such a tool, it is very much like opening a blank Excel Workbook or Microsoft Word empty document and suddenly realizing you don’t know where to begin.

We use a completely different approach to creating your site, providing a complete solution of services that will result in a website that will actually grow your internet business; from increasing your bottom line, to expanding your customer base, to improving customer satisfaction, and more.

Many website designers  present you with a couple of templates, ask you which one you like the best, then build the basic functional items such as banners/menus/pages/blogs. Then they wait for you to provide the content (copy) and the images, and describe how you want it organized.  Once you have provided all of the content, they add it to the pages and request a sign-off that the website is done.  They then may offer you a monthly subscription to do maintenance on your site, which includes updating your blog or posting on your facebook page, or sending you a report of how many hits you received and on which pages.  After you are finished, you may feel that you could have done it yourself, in fact, you DID do most of it yourself.

We follow a completely different process, which has a much better probability of resulting in a website that meets your expectations in a lot less time. There is no need to go through endless iterations if you answer the correct questions up front to clarify your messaging, use a strategic content development process, and get 85% of it right on the first revision.  We can either assist you with graphics and content development, or we can do it for you after we understand your objectives and audience.  That depends on how much resource you have available to spend.  Sure, you will need a second refinement revision to make moderate changes in layout or style, but you should not be changing the marketing messaging or content architecture after the site is fully implemented.

Defining your Audience and Metrics for Success.

Building an effective and useful website that will ensure your customer’s success, requires a dedicated, strategic approach. You cannot expect to build a website that will meet your customer’s expectations, if you cannot answer the following questions

  • What is the purpose for the site?

  • How do you define a successful website for your business?

  • How do you measure success from yours and your customer’s viewpoint?

  • Who are your visitors (audience) and what are they looking for?

  • What actions do you want them to take upon landing on your site?

Contact us to discover more about our design and implementation process and what benefits you can expect.  We are happy to set up an initial meeting where we can directly answer any questions and provide more detail.

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