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Tech Support

Technical Support Services

Support and training: On-site(local)/Email/Phone/Web Meeting

I can help you via your preferred communication method.  I can come to your house/business if you are local (Reno, NV.), or we can have a web meeting where we can share screens and I can demonstrate solutions for you or see your problem in action. We can communicate by email if you’d rather, or go ahead and give me a call on the phone.  Use the Contact Me form to the right, which will send me an email.  If you wish to communicate via phone, I will provide my phone number in response to your email.

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  1. All Things WordPress:

    • Questions & Problem Solving
    • Installing and configuring plugins
    • Menus/sidebars/Pages/Posts
    • Email Marketing
    • Social Media Connections
    • Photo processing for Web
    • Basic graphics
  2. Printer/Scanner Installation & troubleshooting

  3. Browser and Internet Issues or Setup Questions

    • How to set up and customize your browser.
    • Online Shopping
    • Search Engines
    • Social Media Access (Personal Computer and Mobile Apps)
  4. Interfacing Mobile Devices with your Computer

  5. Email: Gmail, Outlook, Webmail

  6. Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint

  7. Photo Processing and Management

    • Google Photos (Free!). Don’t pay for expensive software.
    • Editing your photos for optimum exposure/color.  Cropping.  Photo Effects
    • Automatically Save your mobile phone images to Google Photos
    • Creating Albums & Sharing
    • Storage locally and in the cloud (Free with Google Drive!)
    • Printing: Commercial or your own printer.
  8. Social Media: Connect with your family!

    • Setup Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest profiles & pages
    • Teach you how to manage your account
    • Facebook Business Pages
    • Sharing Photos/Videos
  9. Creating Blog or Online Store

    • WordPress Blog
    • WordPress Store
    • Facebook Store – Shopify
    • Etsy
    • eBay

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