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Premium website solutions for an elegant, professional, responsive, and uniquely yours website

Your Website: Your Most Important Marketing Tool

Great care should be taken when designing the presentation layer or user interface of your website, as well as with the information architecture, or content structure.  Your visitors must be able to find the answers to their questions quickly and easily on your website. Moreover, the content must be structured such that your visitor may easily and quickly decide whether your products or services meet their needs and/or solves their problems.  As such, your website should be designed to meet the requirements of your customer.  It is more complex than simply providing functionality and fancy bells and whistles. Information MUST be succinctly and clearly stated, and must be located where your customer expects to find it. This is precisely why our GOAL is to build your website to meet your customer’s or would-be customer’s (prospects) requirements.  Most people have heard the phrase “content is king”.  This is very true, but in today’s market it should be modified to state “content and usability are king”.  You have a very short time period (measured in seconds) to achieve this goal once a visitor lands on your site, whether it is through a search engine or a reference link or word of mouth.

Improve your Customer’s Experience and Ensure Their Success!

You probably measure your company’s success by your customer’s behavior.  Do they buy your service or product, how much do they buy, are they loyal, do they enjoy returning to your website, do they share information about your service through social media. Your customers are most likely the cornerstone of your business.  So your website should delight your customers and prospects.  You must know your audience and your market to build a successful website.  That is one of the first questions for you to answer before we begin our design. You know your customer the best!

Proven Design Methodology for an Effective Website

There’s more to defining the requirements for the website, and we will discuss these at our first meeting.  Step one is to define those requirements, and we can walk you through the process of ensuring that the end result meets or exceeds your expectations.  It is tempting to jump right to the fancy widgets, graphics, sliders and interactive gadgetry, but don’t do it, you will only be disappointed in your website’s performance. 

Responsive Design for Mobile Device Visitors

What is a responsive website and why do you need it?  Everybody is using their mobile devices more frequently these days, whether it is their tablet, their phone, or their laptop.  Because your customers or prospects may arrive at your website on these devices, it simply MUST adjust automatically to be effective functionally and retain its elegance on various sizes of displays.    If your website does not adapt and your content or functionality is missing when your site is viewed on smaller devices, you will not be attracting THOSE prospects and they will undoubtedly go to your competitor.  Of course you must decide which type of device the MAJORITY of your customers will be using, and make that the priority.  If you are expecting 90% of your visitors to be using a PC or laptop to access your site, then you probably don’t need to worry too much if it doesn’t look fabulous on an iPhone.  This leads us back to our defining your requirements and knowing your audience!  We will help you make the best decisions as we go through the design process to ensure a successful website, and that includes having a responsive design.

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