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Plugin Integration and Configuration

Custom Module and Plugin Integration

Extend the Functionality and Features of Your Website

Because we use WordPress as a platform for your website design, we have the ability to build in premium features that target the site’s functionality to the market segment you are cultivating.  WordPress “Plugins” can extend the functionality of your website to do almost anything you can imagine. From Bulletin Boards to Photo Galleries to e-Stores, if you can imagine it, there is a Plugin available.  We have experience integrating many popular plugins, and can configure them precisely to meet your requirements.  To give you an idea of what a plugin can accomplish, here are some popular examples:


  • Multi-user capability

Do you need to have multiple people accessing and contributing to your website content?

Do you need to have certain roles established such as administrator, editor, contributor, which prevent accidental editing or unwanted content?

Do you need to restrict the role of each person to certain pages and features?

  • Customer Login and Page Privacy

Would you like to have a section of your website that only logged in members can access?

  • Interactive Calendars

Would you like to allow your customers to interact with your calendar to schedule appointments?

Would you like to publish local or web events that pertain to your business?

  • Forums & Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you want to establish a user community?

Do you want to reduce your support burden by providing a place where typically asked questions and their answers are documented?

  • Bulletin Boards

Do you need a place to allow your visitors to post comments, events, videos, or photos?

CONTACT us to discover more about Plugins.  We can incorporate exactly the right feature set to suit your business needs.

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