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Teaching Point – eCommerce – Custom Forms – Process Automation

Teacher Training e-Commerce Website with Custom Forms and Process Automation

Teaching Point eCommerceTeacherPD.net offers various teacher enrichment and training programs.  It incorporates e-Commerce (with WooCommerce) , custom form building, and back office process automation with Formidable.  It also saves visitor profiles, including their product buying/enrollment history, and their “status” in the automated process.  The process that has been automated is as follows:

  1. User registers for login, providing their contact information and participation in the program details.
  2. User chooses classes from the available catalog (see Courses page) and adds to shopping cart. Various “options” are allowed inside the Product page to add on additional items to the standard course package.
  3. From the shopping cart, the user is presented with an enrollment form (Formidable).
  4. User submits enrollment form which saves all of the information to the database. Any/all of this information can be accessed from the database to be used in later steps in the back office process.
  5. Upon submitting the enrollment form, multiple emails are triggered including parameters retrieved from the database in the email text, such as contact information, classes enrolled, school information, etc. Emails go to the enrollee, the various teachers responsible for facilitating the classes, administrators, etc.
  6. User “checks out”, choosing payment methods (payment gateways implemented are PayPal and Authorize.net), including a choice for using school/program “grants”.
  7. With enrollment, enrollees are required to take “pre-tests” and “post-tests” following the completion of the course. An administrator function is built into the website which allows the administrators to record pre- and post-test grades, which trigger another set of emails based on the grade (pass/fail).
  8. At any time, the user can login to the system and monitor their progress through the process, as well as their course grades.
  9. Finally, an export capability is built in to interface with other databases and programs used in the back office (e.g. Excel and Quickbooks). Exports can be CSV or XML and can be customized to include desired fields and other filtering capability (e.g. by school, by date, by course, etc.).

Teaching Point Custom Form

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