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Fostering Freelancer collaboration to bring stellar websites to market.

This page will be about collaboration.   I may allow comments and RSS feeds from guest blogs.  I may decide to invite guest bloggers and freelancers to publish here.

“Choose to collaborate (abundance perspective) and watch your competitors (scarcity perspective) become your allies.”

-Jennifer Ritchie Payette

About Marlene

marlene-home-199x300I have been a writer ever since we produced a newsletter for our parents at Girl Scout camp. I was heady with the sight of my words on the printed page, and immediately began writing a monthly newspaper for several of my friends. In that low-tech time of my life, I hand lettered and illustrated each issue with colored pencils, then carefully copied it four or five times before spending most of my allowance on postage. Sadly, no copies of that work exist today, but the following summer I wrote two poems for our camp newsletter, and I still have those somewhere. I’ve been writing ever since.

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  • Where Did the Summer Go? August 23, 2023
    Hello again! This summer has gone by too quickly. My original plan had been to write every day, but that didn’t happen. I thought it might be fun to look back over the last three months and figure out where the time went. June My last post here was a tribute to my dad for […]
    Marlene Bumgarner
  • My Fathers Day Memories: Our Silly Half Hour June 17, 2023
    Our Silly Half Hour ​When I was six years old, my parents and I lived in a rented Victorian in the Richmond District of San Francisco, and my favorite time of day was the Silly Half-Hour.​ There was no set time when this event would occur, and it didn’t happen every day.  But once in […]
    Marlene Bumgarner
  • An Interview with Marlene Bumgarner June 2, 2023
    Hi everyone! I’ve been traveling and finalizing the sale of my house in Santa Cruz.  Arrived back in Calabasas Tuesday night. Thanks to Lois Winston for publishing her interview with me on her web page today. You can read it here Marlene Source
    Marlene Bumgarner

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